Stupid Service

Posted: 12/06/2011 in Uncategorized
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You will have heard about Bad Service, you will have heard about Poor Service, but have you heard about Stupid Service?

I wish I could say that I have just discovered something new, and become the world’s foremost expert on the subject, but alas Stupid Service as been around for as long as Bad Service has been around.You can see, where I going with this, can’t you? Giving Bad or Poor Service is Stupid!

I previous complained about my Cell C Speed Stick. I sorted out the problem and got on with my life. Then I got an email from them. Even with a 4mps ADSL line I had problems downloading the mail because it had a Super BIG attachment instead of a link where I could go an get the information. I can be and usually am very sarcastic when someone makes a stupid mistake, so relyed back in my normal (sarcastic) manner and told them the problem was solved. Two weeks later – two weeks mind you, I get another letter from the same person asking to describe the problem in more detail. No fine, I could not resit the opportunity to be, UBER sarcastic!

But seriously, if you want to remain in business – yes that means you too Cell C, acknowledge that you have received a complain within 24 hours, give a reference and the name of the person handling it. Keep a record, so that if that person drops dead tomorrow, some else can take over without too much effort.

So the award for pure stupidty goes to…


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