Michael Vella – Web Site Creator Extraordinaire

Michael Vella – Web Site Creator Extraordinaire: I started out in the Travel Industry as a Consultant. I worked my way up from doing a simple hotel reservation, to putting together a complex itinerary for a group travelling overseas. Throughout two things stood out for me, competing on the quality of my service and using the best possible tools for the job.

Computers and the Internet fascinated me right from the beginning. Whilst my boss saw it as away to waste time, I saw it as way to work more efficiently. Then one day, I was asked to take over the company Web Site, and thus began an exciting new career path.

If I was ever asked what my mantra is, I would say, “Work Smarter & Keep it Simple.” This is very true about Web Site. We no longer surf the Internet aimlessly, because we are bored. Today, we use the Internet in a variety of ways, but an important way we use the Internet, is to find information. I create Web Sites that allow to to come and find what you need quickly and make sure it is legible.

Web Sites do not have to plain and boring, but they do need bells and whistles and flashing light. Editorial must be easy to reads, pages need to flow natural from one to the nest. Graphic need to load quickly and should be relevant to the content.

Possible the most important lesson I learnt when working in Travel, is the client pays my salary. I will always to deliver more that we agreed upon and get it finished on time!

Feel Free to look around my Web Site, you can see the work I have done and the services I offer. Anything else, – feel free to contact me.


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