Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!

Posted: 29/05/2011 in Uncategorized
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No I am not refering to a female dog, or any female, for that matter. I have a MOAN!

Cell C, the third Cellular Network in South Africa, recently introduced a service call “Tell Trevor,” for complaits and suggestions. The prvious Minister of Finance, Trevor Manual,  ran a similar campaign when it was coming up for the annual budget that was also called, “tell Trevor”.

Cell C recently re branded themselves and used funny man Trevor Noah as their front man. When Cell C was first introduced to the South Africa public, they used an unseen woman with a very throaty breathless and uber sexy voice in their campaigns. Which says a great deal about their marketing department. However, good marketing does not mean good service…

I recently bought a 3G Dongle from Cell C. I did my thing with RICA took it home and used it to surf the net.  It connected to the Internet easily, I was able to visit sites, check my email and even download software. Then the new month come and the fun started…

Suddenly, I could only connect to Cell C’s site and nothing else. I tried it in Linux, I tried it in Windows. I tried to connect in the City, I tried to connect at the Mall – nothing, niks, nada! So I sent “Trevor” an email. Two days later I got an email saying they were looking into it, two days after that I got several SMS’s saying…you guessed, they were looking into it.

I took the dongle back to the store that I had bought it from and they sorted it our in ten minutes. And now almost three weeks later, I am still waiting on “Trever to get back to me.

  1. I don’t think old Trevor will ever get back to you. Don’t hold your breath, mate.

  2. Michael says:

    Sad that the big boys can get away with bad service. But if I don’t get back to my customers, I lose income that I have worked hard for!

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