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My new Blog will soon be ready – just busy panel beating to shape


This Blog is Moving

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This Blog has moved to it’s own Domain.

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Prince George’s recent birth had the world in a tizz – as far as I am concerned it really was a non event. Babies get born all the time.

The British Royal family remind me of “Dallas” also fondly remembered as “as the doings and screwings of the Ewings!” After all Grandpa Charley publicly cheated on his wife. Uncle Harry has let his hair (and his pants) down in public often enough.

Nope we have the New South Africa to keep us entertained – thank you.

johnny_automatic_Beggar_and_dogI know I wrote about people begging at the traffic lights, but I feel that yet another, “not so Politically Correct” post is in order.

I pulled up at the traffic lights and there was the usual bum with his cardboard sign. I I gave him my usual look, the one says, “come on, come ask me for my loose change, so I can tell you what you should do with the rough end of a pineapple,” when the car next very loudly told the bum, to “get a job!”

A man after my own heart.

(Yes, I know times are tough, but if you want to work, you will find a job – even if it is washing dishes! )

I back up my PC and Phone at least once a week. I back up to an external drive. These backups have save me from complete system meltdown in the past.

But what happens when your backup drive becomes corrupt – you lose data, thats what!

And that is what happened, my drive would not load, so I was busy sorting it out when the power tripped, not onece, not twice but five times – resulting in corruput data.

Whilst I was able to save most of the drive, I still manged to lose a chunk of data.

Could have been worse

If I am reading between the lines correctly, Nelson Mandela is very ill and may die. This is sad, but as the saying goes – :The only certain things in life are death and taxes.”

Now, I did not sleep through school and I am not one of the “thirty-three percenters” (For the non South Africans – you only need 33% to pass Matric in South Africa) so when I hear the words “Critical but stable” I wonder which actually applies – you see in my books – Critical means Serious!

Death is inevitable for us all and if it is Madiba’s time, let him go in peace.

Why does the world always assume the worst about South Africa? An example is – if Nelson Mandela dies, will there be civil disturbance. Actually, I expect South Africans will stop bemoaning their problems and come together with their grief and honour a great man.