Solutions Web

The Internet has changed and will continue to change. With the arrival of the Seacom undersea cable, which was followed by the arrival of more cables, South Africa found itself finally able to join the rest of the world. Many South African Companies now find themself needing an Internet Presense in Cyberspace.

Through my company, Solutions Web, I provide Internet Presence Solutions for small business to suit their needs and budget. Solutions that can grow as the company grows. To do this I spend a fair portion of each day keeping up to date and experimenting with new tecniques. The Web Sites I create are tested to make sure that they will open in all the major browsers and accross all operating systems.

I provide my customers with a full service that indules;
• Domain Name registration and mangement,
• Hosting Web Sites,
• Managing Web Sites,
• Promoting Web Site,
• Web Site Audits,
• Web Site makeovers.
• Blog, and Social Media Management.

Hand coded HTML & CSS
WordPress Blogs
WordPress Web Sites


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