The Search for the Perfect Bacon & Egg Sarmie

Posted: 16/06/2013 in Food Glorious Food, Myself & I
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The perfect breakfast or snack on the run, has to be a Toasted Bacon and Egg Sandwich. You have two slices of toast, a fried egg and a couple of slices of bacon. There is nothing to distract you like you would get on a plate of bacon and eggs, like fried tomato or mushrooms.

I first came to appreciate the convenience of the toasted bacon and egg sarmie when working during the varsity holiday. I used to strap up containers of sweet melons after they had been inspected before being airfreighted overseas. Now remember this was 1975, and the catering at the Cape town Airport was handled by the South African Railways and Cape Town Airport (it was still named DF Malan) Airport in those days) and only served a few Domestic flights daily.

One day after a particularly early start a group of us went though to the Airport Canteen to get Bacon and Egg Sarmies as a special treat. An it was obviously a treat, the eggs were kept by the tannie (auntie for the non South Africans) at the till. After we had paid, we watch the eggs getting rationed out by tannie.

That began a life long fascination with bacon and egg sarmies. it is the sort of thing you search out after a night on the town, or when coming come from a late shift. And as all South Africans know, it is always time for bacon and eggs, not just in the morning ( I never have understood why Americans insist that breakfast is only to be eaten in the early morning).

Now whilst searching for that perfect Toasted Bacon and Egg Sarmie, I have certain criteria – The Bread must be white, No Jaffles or Snackwiches, no added extras like tomatoes or mushroom and Definitely NO MACON (fake bacon not pork)

Now, I will not be comparing it to that one at the airport all those years ago but I will compare it to the one from Wimpy. I fact I need to go there soon for a comparison taste!


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