Every day members of the ANC, politicians and employees of National and Local Government travel on our Roads. I am sure that they have noticed that at most traffic lights, there is usually someone standing with a board begging. At the same traffic light is likely to be some one with a disability (usually blind) accompanied by a family member begging.

Then of course we have the Blue Light Convoys with their tinted windows, who don’t see what is happening around them.

For a Socialist Government – The ANC has failed the People!

The only way South Africans will ever pull themes out of this quagmire (Wiktionary http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/quagmire ) is by getting off their backsides and creating a job for themselves.

Allow me to explain – every day I drive past two people – one stands with a board asking for a hand out, the other sells fruit. I will support the guy selling fruit, because he is doing something to improve his lot. Maybe he is selling the fruit for some one else, may be he bought it, packaged it and is pocketing the profits – but he is doing something and not expecting a hand out.

Now if I was to go to the Man with the board and gave him R150.00 and said to him, “Use it wisely.” My gut feeling is he would spend it on food, drink and maybe some sweets for his children. What he should have done, is buy a loaf of bread, some thing to put on it, some coffee to wash it down and taken the bulk of the money and bought something that he could sell for a profit at the traffic lights or door to door.

So I will continue to be a miserable old fart and keep my wallet in my pocket – I am happy to help those who make an effort but do not ask for a hand out – trying to earn a living, is stressful enough – I have no intention of giving my money away!


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