I want to talk to about a very serious subject…

Posted: 31/03/2013 in It just makes sense, Non Politically Correct Rant, This is Your Life, Uncategorized
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We were brought never to talk about bodily functions. And, if we ever brought up  the subject up we would talk in euphemisms – you know, some like, : “I need to whizz”  if you needed to urinate or the need for “number two,” when you need to defecate.

Then some adults may say the need to “s h one t'” as if spelling out the word most commonly used to describe excreta makes any less smelly!

Come on guys, they are normal body functions, we shit, we pee! But just in case you do not believe me, the France Tourism dedicate a full page to the toilets of Paris. And if you visit Elk Falls in Kansas, you get to go on an Outshouse tour.

And because this is a seriously important sunject, there is even a Loo of the Year award. And who said public toilets must be dirty and smelly – New York Bryant Park’s public restrooms were recently voted number one in the world by travel website Virtual Tourist.

So, let me leave with some final words of wisdom – When you got to go, you got to go – and it does mater whether you whiz, tinkle, or pee or is that poop, crap or shit!



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