Cape Town Nostalgia:- The Sunday Braai

Posted: 03/03/2013 in The Good Old Days
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Before the Cape Peninsula was declared a Natrue Reserve, it was possible to braai almost any where.

The favourite spot for my family was the Tokai Forest. Whoever got there first would find a area where we could form a circle as the rest arrived. Fires were made, the beers came out and the men would get on with the serious work of braaing. The women were in charge of the salads and the children.

I also remeber driving out along the coastal road between Bakoven and Llandudno, finding a suitable spot along the side of the road, pulling over and having a braai. We could braai on the lawns on Camps Bay (the rocks on the Bakoven side) as well as on Camps bay Drive. The Glen was another good popular spot.

Today, you can only make fires on private private property, usually at home.

Really – those were the good old days!


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