Before they became labels

Posted: 24/02/2013 in The Good Old Days, Uncategorized
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In the 70’s, if you were a smoker you used a butane lighter, usually gold or silver. Disposable lighters had not been thought of. Matches were for when your gas ran out and if you used a petrol lighter, you were just not cool. I had a Zippo that had been my grandfather’s which I never used.

Ray Bans were good looking but not that popular. I only paid attention to them, because you could get them with strengthened glass which was great for target practice. Of course if you have seen Electra Glide in Blue., you will remember motor cycle cops wearing tear drop mirror glass Ray Bans. you would have also been introduced to another yet to become a label, Harley Davidson.

Jeans were jeans,  I preferred Wranglers but would have been just as comfortable wearing another brand. You wore jeans because they were tough and comfortable, not be cause they were fashionable.

Anyway, my Zippo was stolen, not that it matters as I don’t smoke. I wear prescription lenses, both clear and dark lenses. I buy my jeans from Mr Price and when I get round to buying a motor bike (maybe) I am likely to get a Ducatti or a Triumph.


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