Cape Town Nostalgia: – the Dolls House

Posted: 17/02/2013 in The Good Old Days
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In the sixties, whenever my father felt we deserved a treat we would visit the Dolls House, an American Style Roadhouse in Moullie Point.

We would pull up in the parking lot. The waiter would walk across to take our order. I remember they wore a jacket but it was a long time ago and I am likely to describe their uniform as something I have seen in the movies (remember American Graffiti). When he returned with our orders – my was always a hot dog and slap chips, he would clip the tray on my dad’s window. The food was quickly brought into the car, otherwise the “skollie boys‘ (seagulls) would steal it – I watched them steal a steak off a tray once.

As a teen, I would pop in for a milk shake or same slaps with friends. As we would either be on foot or riding our bicycles, we would use the small dining room. Today the only thing that remains is the parking lot. The roadhouse has been replaced by an apartment block.

This was a time when we did not have TV’s or computers, the only games we played were board games or with a ball. We walked, took the bus or rode our bikes.

I most probably would not eat those Hot Dogs today, but damn, they were good!

For copyright reasons, I cannot post a photo of the dolls house, but you can see it here.


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