TV Life Insurance is a big con!

Posted: 28/10/2012 in Non Politically Correct Rant, The Grumpy Old Man, This is Your Life
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There has been an explosion of adverts on TV promoting both short and long term insurance and frankly it is a big con game.

The big selling point is that you cut out the broker and therefore save money. But do you? Have you asked a broker to give you a comparison qoute? And there is much more to saving cost – can you read a contract and usnderstand it full, would you not prefer someone to explain it to you.

I never took out just life insurance and always used a broker who advised me and guided me. So I took out an Enowment, that gave me Life insurance and paid out on maturity and the most imnportant aspect, I used it as surety to cover my overdraft when my children wre born. I also took ou annuaties that gave me life insurance but gave me a pension when I turned 55 – I actually reinvested the bulk so my grandsons will get something when I eventaually croak.

If I f compare the prices qouted on TV for life insurance as to what a retirement Annuatity would cost – boy are the public getting conned.

But then that is the whole point of advertising – it is a legal con game!


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