Riding the Bus

Posted: 14/10/2012 in It just makes sense, This is Your Life
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I travel into Cape Town once a week using the MyCiti bus.Inn the morning, there is a bus every 8 minutes and they are always full – I end up standing every time.

The crazy thing is, that even though the buses are always full but traffic volumes have not dropped by much. The cars going into Cape Town usually have only one person in them. Even though some of these single occupancy cars may be used by sales reps who spend the day visiting customers, most are going to arrive at work, park the car, work a full day and go home when the working day end.

Now, it costs R10 per trip so the average person will spend R100 a week commuting to and from work. They may drive the short distance from home to the bus stop and park the car for the day (which I do). Petrol keeps going up and parking costs a fortune, so the bus users are saving a small fortune every month!

The MyCiti bus has its own elusive lane making it faster than travelling by car. Which makes me ask, “Why use the car?”


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