Pen & Paper - the Stone Age iPadOn Friday I attended a seminar at the Hub Space. As soon as the talk started, notebooks and pens made their appearance and notes got taken, all except one person, who was using an iPad.

One person in particular was using a A4 counter book and comparing the size to that of the iPad, ‘stone age’ iPad popped into my head.

Now I have 2 laptops, an Android Tablet and Phone, but I still use pencil and paper to jot down my ideas. And I find it useful when brainstorming to use…, pencil and paper.

When I leave home I check to see i have my wallet with my drivers licence (which can double up as an Identity document) a notebook and a pen. The notebook is for jotting down ideas, so as not to forget them.

I do not believe we will get away from using pencil and paper, at least not for a few more years!


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