What is in a name?

Posted: 23/09/2012 in Myself & I, The Grumpy Old Man, This is Your Life
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My mother chose the name Michael for me when I was born. Growing up my family called me Michael, relatives and family friends called me Michael.

My Grandmother wanted to call me Michelle (the French form of Michael) but my mother decided to go with the English version. Which in retrospect was the a good decision as in South Africa. Michelle is a popular girls name.  As an adult, I doubt it would be a problem, but I went to an all boys school and would have got teased mercilessly by my school mates.

The first time I got called Mike, was at school and when I started work it began to stick. Except, I was never comfortable being called Mike, it sounded like Spike! I always insisted that my business cards stated my name as Michael and not Mike. I always signed all correspondence as Michael and I introduced myself as Michael.

So, there I was at a seminar and some introduced themselves to me as Mike…


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