What went wrong?

Posted: 26/08/2012 in Non Politically Correct Rant, The Grumpy Old Man
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Disclaimer: – I have used strong language, because I felt it appropriate for this article, even though I would not normally do so.

South Africa has at various times been called, “a world in one country”, “the New South Africa” and “the rainbow Nation”. We surprised the nay sayers in 2010, when we staged a perfect Soccer World Cup (maybe a few minor glitches here and there).

Yet things are no longer new, no longer bright and shiny – look at the Olympics, there was a time when the stands would have erupted with cheers for the South African athletes. South Africans never needed a visa to visit the UK, now suddenly they do.

So what went wrong?

It is always easy to point fingers and hindsight is easy, but it boils down to plain old Greed and Stupidity.

South Africans are greedy, and it not just the politicians, it is all South Africans. The South African Rand is weak against foreign currencies, make South Africa a cheap destination for Tourists. If you are an exporter, you are singing all the way to the bank.

South Africans do not holiday in the same places as visitors to our shore do. Because the hotels and guest houses have priced themselves to cash in on Dollars, Euros and Sterling, not Rands. During the recent world cup, prices on just about everything increased and South Africans suffered. I know of at least one Guest House owner who was expecting to cover his budget for the year but did not get a single booking.

And this is nothing new, I remember camping at a local resort in the bad old days when South Africa was not a popular destination for overseas tourists. The markup at the local general store was much more than were used to paying. They knew that if we did not pay their price, we would have to drive a quite a distance to the nearest supermarket.

Then we have corruption. When you have that a Government Employee or a Politician has just been caught defrauding millions if not billions, we need to get angry, very angry, because it is not a rare occurrence, it happens frequently. Yes, there is corruption in the private sector and it is just as criminal. but the Government is responsible to all South Africans especially those who are unemployed, those who sleep on the streets, those who sell their bodies to feed their families and those who did not eat today!

Then there is STUPIDITY – you are not fucking entitled to a hand out because you were previously disadvantaged. Get up off your lazy ass and do something; Clean houses, cut lawns, sell vegetables – there is always something that you can do.

And, this is so good – students are boycotting school for some stoopid reason or another – ok boy (shades of apartheid), when your mate who did go to school goes on to become a doctor or a lawyer and you end up sweeping streets or in jail, – who is the ass hole?

  1. Jj says:

    Well said!

    Although you know, it is not only SA that puts their prices up for tourists – I am living in the UK now – and the prices in summer are Ridiculous – but it seems a lot of the shops – hotels plus bed and breakfast places do not learn – they only moan at the end of the season – saying how bad it has been this season [of course it has – it is cheaper to go to Spain on holiday now!!!] the bus fares go up a LOT too – and here a lot of the locals rely on the bus services. Now the UK only has about 4 months of summer to rely on tourists – the rest of the time WHO do they think supports them and their businesses? The Locals of course – but it seems they do not matter.

    Also a lot of people here sit on their asses expecting government payouts – and moan like hell when they do not go up substantially each year!

    I do get where you are coming from though – but Greed I am afraid is universal :o/

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