eMail or Email?

Posted: 05/08/2012 in This is Your Life
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When I finished school and went off into the Army, I faced what every other young soldier had to face. Yes it was exciting to be out of school, yes it was exciting to be doing something differant to whatt we were used to. But we missed our family friends and of course, girlfriends. Suddenly, our weekly calls home, the letters we recieved, parcels from became a very important part of our lives. There was no Internet Cafe, no Smart phone – no email, just snail mail.

Times have changed, now we have eMail and can received it almost instantly it is sent. And yet even eMail has become old technology. We use instant messaging more for communication than we do eMail.

But before you write eMail off, there is one area will eMail is still very much an important feature – Business. eMail more so that the fax of yesterday is becoming the way invoices and documents are distributed. Laws have been amended and changed to make these documents legal. Today, I received my Bank Statement, an invoice for my land line. To save paper and of course trees, I did not print them out but stored them on my PC.

I have several eMail accounts, some are for the Web Sites that I manage, some are are for my business and some are personal. I download them to my PC several times a day. I use Mozilla’s Thunderbird, which allows me to manage all the email with no stress at all.


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