Without even a shot being fired!

Posted: 17/06/2012 in Non Politically Correct Rant
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South Africa has been invaded, and is now controlled by a foreign nation, and this has all been done without a single shot being fired. The weapon, trade goods…cheap and nasty trade goods.

Every major City in South africa has China Town Mall. Drive down the main road of any working class suburb and you are bound to find several Chinese shops. How did this happen?

China supported the Liberation Struggle and were welcome by the current Goverment as trading partners. This makes sense because both countries have so much in common and help each other. But China has a serious population problem and Africa is ideal for them to export surplus population. And with them came cheap trade goods.

South African Traders are bound by several laws. Walk in to one of the major furniture stores and buy a TV and you have to poroduce a TV licence. Buy a TV at a Chinese Trader and you do not need to produce a licence. Most Chinese shops deal in cash, and most of them do not seem to give you a reciept. So where does the Consumer Protection Act come in?

What about Tax, well as most Chinese traders deal in cash, they can avoid paying tax.

Of course a point in their favour, is the goods they sell are cheap, except that as they do not have many quality controls in Chine, they are often of a poor quality.

Is the situation ever going to, I doubt it.


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