Just another rant about service…

Posted: 13/05/2012 in The Grumpy Old Man
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I have complained about service before, and I expect I will complain about it again.

I used to work in the Travel Industry, one of the most competitive industries around. When I first started, I was told that as a Travel Agent, we sold products that belonged to some one else. So a hotel room, belonged to the hotel, a seat on a plane, belonged to an airline. The only reason, someone would come to us and not go direct was service. It was the quality of our service that set us apart.

Today, Travel Agents have to charge for their services, so going direct makes financial sense and yet Travel Agencies survive, How can a company survive by charging you more for a the same product you can buy using an Internet Connection and a Credit Card? Need a hint – SERVICE!

I recently moved from a service provider who had an excellent product at a good price, because it took forever and day to solve a problem that could have been sorted in two minutes! And I went back to my original provider who charges more, because they have always responded immediatly when I have had a problem and did it over the phone without having to go to their Web Site and filling out a form.

And because I am a Grumpy Old Fart, I will name names – MWEB have an excellent inexpensive Uncapped ADSL but cannot read and action a simple email request and had all sorts of requirements and still have not sorted out my request from December! Telkom on the other hand listed to my problem, explained what I had to do from my side and did what they said they would do from their side – so I am prepared to pay more for service! So what if it means missing out on a beer or two!


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