Windows 7

Posted: 20/11/2011 in Uncategorized
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I do not like Microsoft products. Their products are overpriced and often inferior to their competitors. I have been using Linux for some time and have settled on Ubuntu as my PC’s operating system.

So I was pleasantly surprised when using Windows 7 that came loaded with my new laptop. It is easy to use and comes standard with most software that you need for day to day use. The only thing missing is an Office Suite and this can be easily solved with Libre Office or Open Office.

I did make a few extra changes to Windows to suit the way I work. I spent several days experimenting with different Linux distributions and moving data from backups. I used mostly Windows 7 during this time and used Windows with out a problem.

So now the the big question – did I abandon Ubuntu and embrace Windows? Is the Pope Catholic? Of course not!

I may use Windows for certain jobs and to test Web Sites, but I still very much an Open Source Guy!


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