I am offended…

Posted: 14/08/2011 in Uncategorized

… that Shrien Dewani felt that it was okay to come to South Africa and arrange for his wife to be murdered.

I look at the pictures that have been published of him recently and I see a healthy young man. He does not even have bags around his eyes. He deserves an Oscar for his performance.

And what is this about sending to the prison in Malmesbury. Bullshit, he deserves to go to Pollsmoor. He has insulted not only his wife’s family, but every single law abiding South Africa.

So I welcome the decision to extradite him to South Africa to stand trial. Because if he was innocent he would have cooperated with the South African authorities. Because as a wealthy British Citizen, we would have been able to afford the best legal representation. South Africa would also bent over backwards to show the reset of the world that justice was done. Now, he will get no sympathy and we treated like an ordinary criminal.

Actually this is one of the few times that I am sorry we no longer have Capital Punishment, because Dewani is right up there with child rapists!


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