The Time has Come…

Posted: 24/07/2011 in Uncategorized
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I remember that that when South Africa was about to vote for it’s first Democratic Government, there was a story going around that every body (at least the gullible ones) wold be given an ATM card so that they could go and draw money, when ever they needed to. Another rumor that was going around was that the maids should pay into a fund run by Winnie Mandela (wonder if she even knew about it) so that when the new Government came into power, they would be given the Madam’s house.

Except, I am quite certain that 17 years later, the Madam still owns the house and the maid could well have lost her job due to the recession. 17 Years is a long time, a time in which you expect to see change, real change.  I belong to a small business group, and here is where  I would expect to find change. Alas no! We have one black member, and she is an employee delegated by her boss to attend our meetings. I hope it is because he see something in her and not because he is too busy to attend the meeting himself.

I visited the the ANC Youth League’s site, expecting to read about how they are empowering youth. Nope, I saw a lot of political posturing. If this is what he ANC of the future is, either the DA will come to power and find themselves with a big mess to sort out or we will find ourselves in a civil war, worse than what we experienced in the liberation struggle.

Recently we have Governments in Africa being overthrown, we have seen Libya exploding overnight. When resentment is allowed to ferment over time, it can explode over something as stupid as changing a road name. So, the Time as come for for our elected leaders to start serving the people!


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