The Good Old Days

Posted: 09/01/2011 in Uncategorized

For me, the ‘good old days’ refers to a time when life was more relaxed. We did not have to worry about the ozone layer, technology did not rule our lives. If you needed to call some one you used your home phone or the “tickey*” box around the corner.

In summer, we hung out at the beach or at the pool our tans and ‘bird watching.**’ If the weather was lousy we might end up at the movies or would hang around listing to records. There were no videos so if you wanted to watch a movie you would go of to the cinema.

Living at the coast had some major advantages especially in summer. I would rush home from school, change and rush of to meet my friends at the beach or the pool. Homework got done before class or during free periods, it just was not that important. A coke cost 6cents if you drank it in the shop or if you wanted to take it away, you paid 2 cents deposit, a packet of crisps was 5 cents, cigarettes 23cents (what can I say, we were not saints!)

Sometimes, we would get to get together and hire movies. This was a mission, because we are talking a projector and several reels of film. We would all chip in and then one of us would a parent to take them down to get the movies. For some reason they would always come back with the Phantom of the Opera and something else.

My favorite movie from that time has got be The Party with Peter Sellers I laughed so hard I thought I might wet myself

The sixties might have been a time of rebellion, of hippies and free love, but to me it will remain ‘the good old days’.!

*a tickey was 2 1/2 cents
**maybe not the most “politicay correct” way to refer to the fairer sex, but hey, We were you and the hormones were raging!


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