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Posted: 12/12/2010 in Uncategorized
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A bit of a conundrum.

I remember growing up, that the two most talked about subjects, apart from the weather were politics and religion. This was in a time when you had really little choice. The Nationalist Party ran the country with and iron fist and made sure that they won every election. The Dutch Reformed Church was the officially religion of the country as very conservative.

So what has changed? A great deal and yet nothing at all. The ANC government is confident that they can carry on winning elections, Helen Zille is not so sure. Pornography is legal, the religious conservatives are trying to get it banned. We have same sex marriage in this country, which the religious conservatives do not approve of.

We have politicians who have misunderstood the legend of Robin Hood. They steal from the poor to make themselves rich. We have Church Leader who are saints and those who are not

So we still talk religion and politics, and I am sure that my grandchildren will do as well!
And so nothing really chnages!

  1. Hardspear says:

    Ja… Nothing changes…

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