The Fine Print

Posted: 21/11/2010 in Uncategorized
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I did not have acess to ADSl for a year. When I was able to go back to ADSL, uncapped bandwidth was widely available. I spent some time looking at uncapped versus capped and at the various ISPs. I decided to get one gig a month from Telkom as a backup (should my chosen ISP be off line) and then decided on uncapped from an ISP that I had worked with previously .

Let’s face it uncapped ADSL at a reasonable price is just…wow! I spend a lot of time on line, seven days a week, so this is a big cost saving for me. I know from experience that I can use anything from 10 to 20 gigs of bandwidth a month, which I do not believe to be excessive.

During that first month, I downloaded stuff that I had not been able to download whilst using wireless through Neotel. When towards the end of the month, I noticed that my connection was slowing down, I asked my supplier (I buy my bandwidth through a reseller) and he reckoned that it was companies trying to catch up and make sure they got good use out of their bandwidth. That made sense, so I carried on, expecting it to improve at the beginning of the next month.

When my speed did not improve, I phoned the ISP to discover that I was being “throttled”. The ISP gets their bandwidth from Internet Solutions / who have a “fair use” policy which states:

10 day Rolling Window – If you’re in Top 20% of IS users for the 384kbs, 512kbs and 1024kbs connection speeds, you will be shaped.

Turns out, I had used up 17 gigs and was considered a high user. Now if i had been downloading music and movies, and had run up 50 to 100 gigs of bandwidth, I would accept this, but the bulk of what I downloaded was work related.

From this one must conclude that ‘uncapped’ does not mean “unlimited” and South Africa is being screwed (what’s new!)when it comes to the Internet.


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