Arme ou Julius (Poor old Julius)

Posted: 07/11/2010 in Uncategorized
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During the recent World Cup, there was concern that South Africa was not being taken seriously. Our critics eventually came to see that South Africa can produce a World Class event. I cannot remember when I had ever seen South Africa so fired up. Even the last Rugby World Cup seemed to be a practice for the Soccer World Cup. Hell, we put on one hell of a show.

And it carried over for a week or so, and then the asshole gene kicked in. We woke up once day and found that the strikes were back, the poor service delivery, the corruption, the crime. Seems the World Cup was simply only a breathing space.

Why was it necessary for the President to suddenly change his cabinet? Really, why? Was corruption and inefficiency that bad? Seems that “liberation” comes at a price! Power corrupts – it always has, and yet no matter how many checks and balances we have in place, South African Politicians are generally lazy and corrupt. A harsh generalisation, but regrettably quite true.

The ANC is not the first time that Politicians have screwed us over. When PW was President, I had bumper sticker that read, “The Lord giveth and Duplessis taketh away!” ( Barend DuPlessis was the Minister of Finance at the time) Remember that under apartheid, the white minority carried the bulk of the tax burdan and we were taxed to pay for the so called three chamber parliament that was just simply an expensive farce.

Julius Malema and the ANC You League are an embarrassment to South Africa, imagine saying they want to close down Twitter. Remember the World Cup mentioned above, Twitter users were tweeting at the games, in the pubs, in from of their TVs, here and overseas. Twitter users tweet from War Zones, they tweet from oppressive states such as Iran, they keep us informed. Shut down Twitter and twitter uses will use other social media to voice their opinion about Julius and his cronies.

Come on South Africa, lets get our head out of our butts and lets do something before it is too late! Start small, by making things around you better and it will soon rub off on others. We have to start somewhere!


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