Can’t get no respect…

Posted: 05/09/2010 in Uncategorized

There is a distinct lack of respect in South Africa. Look around you., it is everywhere.

Take the news for example, the President is often referred to as ‘Zuma’, not ‘President Zuma’. And he is not alone, even when Nelson Mandela was in office as president he was referred to as ‘Mandela’ and not ‘President Mandela’. If we cannot show respect for those whom we vote into the highest office in the country, how can we ever show respect for others.

I get annoyed when I pick up the phone and some one (whom I do not know) asks, “Is that Michael?” If you do not know me, do not call me by my first name. That is for family and friends (even business colleagues but not total strangers (and if you are looking to solicit money, you better not call me by my first name or I will not listen to you plead your cause. This goes for bill collectors as well!)

Another way that people show no respect for the people around them is the use of foul language. Most of use swear, but not as part of our everyday conversation. So when someone uses foul language in normal conversation, they not only show a lack of respect for those around them, they also demonstrate a lack of intelligence.

The examples are many, from pushing in rues to road rage. Is there a solution – yes. Manners and respect must be taught by example by both parents and teachers, when child are young. The problem is the parents are under pressure to earn a living and provide and schools are over crowded, resources poor that the teachers struggle to cope. But the good ones, will find a way!


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