It all boils down to this…

Posted: 15/08/2010 in Uncategorized
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When the cold war ended, it seemed that the race for world domination had ended. Now, it appears to be back on again. The prize remains the hearts and mind of all living persons as well as untold wealth.

The new protagonists are Apple, Google and Microsoft. So lets take a quick look at the players.

Computers have taken over the work place and are most likely to have a version of Microsoft Windows as their operating systems. The beauty of Microsoft Windows is the ease of use, allowing anybody to use one with the minimum of instruction That is also Microsoft’s strength. People know how to use it and so will keep buying and upgrading when they need to.

Whilst Microsoft produces software, Apple produces a variety of product from portable music and movie players (iPod) to a touch screen computer (iPad) which are aesthetically pleasing and have serious geek appeal. Whilst their computers are not popular for business they are very popular with designers and artists of course, geeks.

If we want to search for something on the Internet, we ‘Google” it. Why not “Bing” or “Yahoo” it? Because most of us have to come to accept that Google is the best at search. And they have used that, to expand into other areas, such as the Android operating system for Cell Phones and Chrome, a Linux operating system, even an Internet browser, Google Chrome.

Travel has had the effect of introducing people to different ways of life, that very often the boundaries between cultures blur. A perfect example of this is Sushi. Originally from Japan, Sushi is widely consumed all over the world. For those not fortunate to afford to travel, Television and the Internet have succeeded in making the world a smaller place. So it is obvious that these three companies are all well know around the world, even though they are based in the USA.

So when will this race end and who will win? Microsoft still remains in the strongest position (in my opinion) since Bill Gates retired. Now Microsoft is now longer associated with one person. Where as Apple is. And Steve Jobs is known to be a tyrant. He recently had a life threatening condition and had to under go surgery. He obviously felt he was invincible, so he never really informed his shareholders fully of the situation and never made provision for his succession, if necessary. A very stupid position to take in Global Business.

Google gets my vote. Because it is the staff that have made the company so successful. A great many products are the result of the staffs 20% You know, where staff spend 20% of their time working of personal projects. Look at how successful GMail has proved to be. There have been failures, Google Wave is to be terminated as it has proved unpopular, but that is how to learn and get stronger.

Actually, the winner will not come from these three Mega Corps, as long as they continue to compete and produce better products, the winner will be the consumer!


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