Posted: 01/08/2010 in Uncategorized

If you have been following me on Twitter lately, you will have seen that they have mainly been #service. Coming from a service industry and having been at the receiving end of some very bad service, I thought I would share my ideas about service.

When I started out in the travel industry 30 years ago, an air ticket cost the same whether you bought it from the airline or from a travel agency. In fact it cost the same on any given route, no matter which airline you flew. So the only reason you dealt with a particular agency, rather than direct with airline was service. Throughout my career in travel, it was hammered into me that the only product I was selling was service. And would you know it, it was the easiest product to sell.

Just think, all you have to do when dealing with a client is show good manners and smile. Even if you are talking to a client over the phone, smile, they will hear it in your voice. And yes it is that simple. Where does the good manners come into it? Greet the client and make sure that you get their name. Make sure you remember their name and use when talking to them. Listen to what they are asking or telling you, ask questions if you need to, and write the important points so that you do not have to ask them to repeat something.

Now, maybe you can solve their needs immediately. Remember to keep smiling when saying goodbye. However, should you not be able to solve the problem, say so, tell them why and how long it will take. So if you tell them it will take two days to sort out, you phone them back in two days, even if you are not yet finished. Tell them why and give them a progress report. Never keep a client just waiting.

Service cannot be seen or felt or tasted. It is an emotion, good service, well it makes you feel good. Bad service makes you angry. Service is never negotiable.

  1. Michael Stuart says:

    A smile and good manners, what about keeping proper records for a speedy solution?

    • Michael says:

      You have to start somewhere, and annoying a client with poor manners and a sour expression, is not the way to go, even if you keep a record for follow up.

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