For a change the grass was green on this side of the hill!

Posted: 25/07/2010 in Uncategorized
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The 2010 Soccer World Cup has come and gone. To get to this point, suffered with high prices, crowds,  detours and the Vuvuzela. Actually now that it is over, it a quite a let down.

The atmosphere was electric. And wonder of wonders, for the first time ever South Africans were proud of what Bafana Bafana had achieved. We beat France, former world champions.   The schools had an extended summer holiday, after all who was going to be able to study with all that was going on.

Actually it was not the soccer that blew our minds. South Africans, like most nations, are very critical of our country. But even the most hard nosed South African  was proud of the great show that we put on. The foreign press were very critical of us at the beginning, but soon realised that we had done things right, hell not just right, we did it in style!

South Africa Rocks!


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