Posted: 13/06/2010 in Uncategorized

With so many sports fans and tourists visiting South Africa, the issue of service becomes very important. Service is not something physical, it is an emotion; One that will leave you felling good or one that will leave you feeling angry.

Consider this, you arrive at your favorite restaurant, someone is there to open the door for you, greeting you with a smile. Throughout the time that you are there, you get fast and friendly service. By the time the bill comes you are feeling good and happy to pay the bill. But what if things were different, because no matter how often you visit the same restaurant, they are only as good as service on that particular day. Slow service, orders mixed and you will leave there unhappy and mumbling at how expensive things were.

Obviously it is not just restaurants, but gift shops, in fact anywhere a product is sold that need to provide the best possible service not just to our visitors but their South African clients who will be around to support them, when our visitors go home. And please do not rip us off, we tend not to complain, just go somewhere else, and one day you will discover that you have no customers and no income.

Remember: Good Service and Fair Price and you will be worked of your feet. Lousy service – no matter how cheap you are!


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