Mom! What are you doing?

Posted: 23/05/2010 in Uncategorized
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The young do not believe that their parents have needs. As far as they are concerned there is a cut off point beyond which you stop having sex. When romance goes out the window. Sad fact is that many people in their fifties fell the same way.

Except, this not the case. Fifty somethings have earned the right to have a life. Children have been brought up, sent to school and packed off to start their own life. This is the time for our fifty something to pick up where they left off in their twenties before the children arrived. In fact, things should be better.

The problem is that as people often enter their fifties alone. Maybe they are divorced, maybe they never married, maybe they are widowed. It is not always easy to meet new friends. This is where the Internet becomes a friend. Used wisely the Internet can introduce lonely people to a life the did not think existed for them.

Online dating services are not the equivalent of the old blind date. They are much more sophisticated, using questions to help that have been carefully chosen to assist you in find your ideal partner. Some still think of the Internet as evil. Used carefully, Online dating will allow you to meet some one, who could well be the love of your life. Richly.

Use common sense and do not rush into it. Email or instant messenger each other. Talk on the phone, meet for coffee at the mall.

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