A frikadel sandwich, please!

Posted: 16/05/2010 in Uncategorized
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I am South African. I was born in South Africa, I will die in South Africa, I have lived here all my life and do not see myself leaving here except as a tourist.

Which brings me to MacDonalds. I do not particulary like MacDonalds, however, they have managed to convince my grand sons that MacDonalds is the be all and end all. They do not perform when we drive past Steers or the Wimpy, but drive past Macdonalds and they start whining.

When we do take them to MacDonalds, they have to first see what toys are on offer and then discuss it before making a choice. Of course, it has to be differant so each bot will know which is his. God forbid (which often happens) that they only have one toy in stock. Listen to two little boys whinge and you think they were girls. Any, way it does not last too long, as they rush off to the play area.

They soon become absorbed in climbing, hiding, what ever they on on the odd looking contraption. Call them to come eat their food and they just ignore you. When you do get them down, it is a few bites and off they go again.

Ok so where was I? Ah yes. the Frikadel Sandwich. Every time, I go into MacDonalds and place my order, they ask me if I want to “super size”, which I dont. Now “super size” is an American concept. Please remember that the staff are South African, that they were brought up by South African mothers. So, if I asked for a Frikadel Sandwich, would they still understand that I had just asked them for a hamburger!

Now, how do I convince my grand sons that I can make a better burger than MacDonalds and a damn sight cheaper?!!


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