The First BullCrap Award goes to…

Posted: 06/12/2009 in Uncategorized

Originally the award should have gone to Microsoft for making such lousy software, then Neotel entered the race when they forced me to use Windows because they did not have drivers for Linux that work. But the award finally goes to (drum roll)…ME!

Yip, me. Let me explain. My system crashed. Not a major disaster because I make a full back up every week. I also put all my data files on a different partition to my operating system. So, I had an up to date copy of my operating system, that I could restore. I deleted the partition and and plugged in my external drive and started to restore the partition. Except it wanted to take two days to restore the partition. I expected that one the process started, that it would speed up. I even took my dog for a long walk in the hope that it would improve whilst I was out. Nope! Stiil 2 days when I got back.

Only the I realised that as I had another operating system on my machine as well as other partitions on my laptop, I should copy the backup to my laptop and restore it from there. I did and the system was back up and running withing 20 minutes. So ya, I get the first BullCrap award!


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