Neotel gets one right and then promply goes and screws up…again!

Posted: 08/11/2009 in Uncategorized

My last post was about Neotel not ready to compete on service with Telkom. So I was pleasantly surprise when Albert Goosen from Neotel posted a comment on my blog offering to help. Wow, they were taking brand management seriously, so I sent off the following email to Mr. Goosen:

The Internet as you are aware is a very powerful tool. The fact that you picked up my rather negative post within 24 hours shows that Neotel may still redeem itself.

My moans:

If something cannot be resolved immediately, I expect a 24 turnaround. If this is impossible, I expect to be kept informed.

I expect a 24 hour call centre to be just that. I expect that notes are made of each call to the call centre and kept on the clients profile.

Cape Town is a major commercial hub in South Africa and when you tell me there is no stock in Cape Town and that it has to come from Gauteng, I wonder if you are serious about doing business in this City. (First the phone, than the antenna)

I do not get a salary like you do, if I cannot work, I cannot earn money, if I do not earn money, I do not eat or pay my rent.

Please also understand that when my existing contract with Neotel is up, Telkom should have solved their cabling problem and I will go back to using them.Because, when I was expieracing problems, Neotel was full of excuses, but when the problem is solved and I write a article complaing, then you want to help. Sort of closing the stable door after the horse has escaped!

Guess what? I never got an acknowledgment or reply. Nothing, niks, nada! So ya!, Neotel you suck!


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