Neotel does not have it’s ducks lined up!

Posted: 01/11/2009 in Uncategorized

When we moved recently and telkom advised us that they were unable to give us ADSL because of a cabling problem in the area, we looked at the alternatives. Vodacom 3G – too expensive! iBurst – sucks! That only left Neotel. They have some very good deals and we found that we would be saving money if we changed.

First problem, no phones in Cape Town, it took an extra 3 days for the phone to arrive from Johannesburg. Then we discovered we had no signal (Neotel is wireless), even though we had been given the assurance that the signal in our area was excellent. After I threw my toys out the cot (very loudly and forcefully), some one came and checked the signal.

Because the signal was bad and they had promised us excellent signal, Neotel arranged to give us a booster antenna. Except (you guessed it!) the antenna had to be ordered from Johannesburg (Don’t you find it disgusting that the second biggest commercial centre in South Africa, has to bow to Gauteng!) and of course, ther was a waiting list, because there were a great many customers who had been promised good signal and sis not get it!

It took almost a month before we wre able to get a proper working telephone and Internet connection. I work from home designing and mamanging Web Sites and need to be connected to the Internet 24hours a day, 7 days a week. So when I was offline, I was losing business and there income.

My complaint, Neotel went into competition with Telkom as well as iBurst, Vodacom 3G and as well as the four mobile telephone operators (Vodacom, MTM, Cell C and Virgin Mobile) so they should have been able to provide better service. But, problems will happen, I judge a comapny by the way they sort out problems.

So, how did they do?

  • Admitted there was a problem and sorted it out – 10 out of 10.
  • Sorted out the problem within 24 hours: FAIL
  • 24 hour call Centre: Do not answer there phones after hours: FAIL
  • Kept stock in Cape Town: NO – FAIL

My opinion, if you can get Telkom ADSL, go for it, use a differant ISP like Cybersmart . If you cannot get ADSL, Neotel is an ok alternative, but make sure they check the signal onsite!

  1. AJ Goosen says:

    Hi Michael,

    Please drop me a line so we can try and sort you out please.

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